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Southern Arbor Source is properly licensed with the State of Georgia and meets appropriate insurance requirements for our industry! Rest assured your property and our employees are fully protected! Please feel free to ask for a copy of our insurance coverage.

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Mother Nature can be unpredictable!  In the case of an emergency, we offer emergency tree care to our current and past clients.

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At Southern Arbor Source, we care about your property and the value of trees surrounding it.  We carefully examine the health of the tree and its location to provide you with a proper evaluation.

Do I have to be home for the removal process?

No, as long as we have access to the property. 

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

That depends on the municipality that you are located in.  We can help you determine whether permits apply and assist you in obtaining them.

Is it ok to remove trees close to the house?

Trees provide shade and beauty.  However, falling branches can be hazardous if they fall on the house.  Proper tree pruning and attention to tree health are important when towering over the house.  Contact our professionals if you have concerns about a tree close to your house.  

How long does it take you to complete a project? and how much will it cost?

Each case is different.  Some may take a few hours and others an entire day.  After we evaluate your concerns on site we would be able to better provide you with the proper time and price.


    Knowledgeable and with a good eye. I've a corner property with a U-shaped French rustic looking at the diagonal on a large property. I asked Ben and SAS to assist in lifting and de-weighting the trees in the front area which gave the house a whole new elevation. The work performed, added to the overall appearance and street appearance. Plus it cutting back a couple of Oaks with limbs that were encroaching over the top of the roof that used to be a hazard in trying to maintain the valleys, gutters and downspouts each year. There was a real need to take down six or more grown 34 year old Bradford Pear trees that were the "go to" tree for planting in the latter 70s and 80s on new construction. They were top heavy in appearance and not far away from a gusty downdraft that might split the trees. SAS is on schedule to return this Autumn for another wooded area of the property to do the same surgery and clean up in a thicket that is located between a side of the house and the curb line of a side street. With thickets and overgrowth....for dominant appearance sake....less is more. It's great to know a great team that is geared to handle almost every problem and an Arborist at the helm to make suggestions, opinions and offer up the good news right along with the bad news about things to be done. Given everything that trees do on each piece of property in conjunction with your home...from shade, wind protection and aesthetic appeal...trees are a prominent feature to each elevation presented to the street or your driveway(s). Dan Turner, CPBD Daniel Turner Builders Inc RLCO#002791 - Georgia #11-148 -CPBD / National (Designing and Building Gracious Southern Living Since 1972)

    Dan Turner Avatar Dan Turner
    October 12, 2021

    My wife and I contacted Southern Arbor Source via their website in regards to the removal of a very large/tall oak tree, a dying oak tree, and a few limbs hanging over the garage. They responded within 24 hours and gave us an estimate along with an overall assessment of our property's tree health. We had a scheduled timeframe to complete the job. They showed up on time and promptly finished the project. All the crew were very friendly and knowledgeable. They cleaned up after everything was done and hauled the wood we didn't want to keep away. This wasn't an easy job and the amount of skill this team had was incredible. We'll be hiring them again for future projects.

    Robert Reinecke Avatar Robert Reinecke
    July 21, 2021

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