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Stump Grinding

Our team also provides stump grinding services. After a tree has been removed or has fallen down, a stump is left. These stumps are unsightly, a waste of space, and hazardous. Further, stumps can attracts pests, such as termites or red ants.  Stump grinding can take care of the stump by grinding the stump into smaller pieces that can be used as mulch or ground cover.

Reasons for Stump Removal:

  • Stumps are unsightly;
  • Stumps take up valuable space;
  • Stumps can be hazardous;
  • Replanting in the same area;
  • Stumps attract unwanted pests;
  • Stumps can sprout a new tree;

If you have unsightly stumps ruining your landscape, call SAS Trees for a professional assessment and estimate.  We remove your stumps several inches below the surface which permits the area to be covered with soil so you can plant things that make you happy!

Southern Arbor Source provides tree stump grinding serves to east metro Atlanta area including but not limited to Decatur, Conyers, Covington, Monroe, Lithonia, Atlanta, Social Circle, and Madison.

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