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About Us

We are a highly certified team of tree care workers with over 10 years in the industry.

About US

Our History

Founded in 2014, Southern Arbor Source (SAS Trees) was envisioned as a company set to provide our service area with unmatched customer care and attention to detail with regards to all things…TREES. The owner of the company has worked with the most respected tree care company in the industry and relies on the work experience and knowledge gained as a basis for his business and has plans to make SAS Trees an even better company for its customers and employees.

As a professional landscape architect and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist, The owner has been exposed and gained a firm understanding of how to conduct business while exceeding client expectations. In bringing these attributes to the tree care industry, SAS Trees stands alone in a field that is often composed of so called “professionals& experts” that operate with complete disregard to industry standards and allow damage to your property.

With our main office located in Oxford, Georgia SAS Trees offers comprehensive tree care solutions for the commercial and residential markets within a 60 mile radius of Madison, Georgia. We provide quick and reliable services to our customers, nothing less. What does comprehensive tree care mean? It means we provide tree pruning, limb cabling, tree removal, pest and insect control, organic fertilization, and stump grinding. Did we leave anything out? Just ask! We strive to be a ‘turn-key’ operation.

Our Principles:

At Southern Arbor Source we strive to serve our clients in the best manner possible. In doing so we promise to:

  • Listen and understand our customers’ needs
  • Always do our very best work with quality and safety in mind
  • Be morally and ethically sound in our decisions
  • Treat others as we wish to be treated

How we operate:

SAS Trees operates significantly different than many other tree care companies. On a routine basis, our field staff meets every morning at 630am at our offices to discuss the days agenda. It’s at this point; our Operations Manager directs each of our crews on their task for the upcoming day while discussing the previous day’s lessons learned or presenting a safety topic for the week. Usually, by 7am, our crews are rolling off the office yard headed to their job-site for the day.

For safety purposes and efficient crew management, those crews consist of 3 to 4 men (or women) each. On each crew will be at least two climbers and one groundsman. Two climbers are required for safety purposes. The limited crew size allows for tight project site management and an unmatched safety record. It also ensures that each member of the crew is accounted for and is working as an equal with his or her colleagues. SAS Trees is not the tree care company that sends its entire roster of employees to accomplish one task. Chaos, risk, and waste ensue in those type of companies.

Over the years, SAS Trees has worked very hard in developing crews that are effective, responsible, and hold the safety of other crew members and the public very high. This begins with excellent management in the operations and safety realm of our company. We have weekly safety meetings that usually give ISA credit to our certified arborist and climbers. Our Operations Manager works with a different crew on a weekly basis in an effort to develop and train employees. Over time, a strong sense of family has developed and continues as we all work progressively.

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