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Cabling & Bracing

There are times when traditional pruning maintenance will not solve your tree’s problem.   If you are a tree lover like us, you want to save your beautiful trees.  Perhaps your tree has weak limbs, areas of decay, or poor root systems – sometimes what they require is some stabilization.  Contact Southern Arbor Source to install a system of cables and bracing rods to maintain the structural integrity of your tree.

Cabling is a method of using strategically placed cables attached to your tree to brace the tree to help maintain optimal health and strength.   For example, cabling is sometimes used to help direct the growth of a young tree straight up as it get established.  It is common to plant expensive young trees only to have them grow at an angle because they are trying to reach a sunny spot.  You can save your landscaping, by allowing Southern Arbor Source to train your trees with a cabling system.

In addition, you may have a favorite older tree that could use some reinforcement by cabling and/or bracing system.  Cabling and bracing are applied by our professionals to help maintain your tree’s structure and integrity by reducing the movement of the tree and its branches and limbs (for example, during a storm) to help prevent those branches and limbs from breaking.  Cabling and bracing may be required on:

  • Old or valuable trees;
  • Trees that have double trunks;
  • Trees that have previous damage.

While cabling and bracing offer additional support for a tree, there is no guarantee against future structural failure.

Call SAS to evaluate your trees to determine whether bracing and cabling would be beneficial.

Southern Arbor Source provides tree cabling and bracing serves to east metro Atlanta area including but not limited to Decatur, Conyers, Covington, Monroe, Lithonia, Atlanta, Social Circle, and Madison.

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