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Spring is the time of year when we all get out in our yards to freshen things up.  Some tasks are easy and can be done by the homeowner such as mowing, preparing and planting flower beds, pest and weed control, and pruning shrubs.  However, some spring-time chores should be left to the experts.  For tree work, Southern Arbor Source (SAS Trees) is here to do the hard and dangerous stuff for you.  

Removing Dead Limbs From Trees

Sometimes tree limbs and branches die and break during winter months, but rather than fall to the ground, they get stuck up in the tree, creating a hazardous situation or an eyesore. Removal of these dead limbs and branches should be performed by a company with the right experience and equipment.  SAS Trees not only removes those dead branches, but we also trim your trees to help maintain an appealing shape and ultimate health.

Trimming Large Branches

You may notice that your tree has heavy or thick branches that need to be removed. Perhaps the branches are hanging low over a walkway or blocking a view.  SAS Trees are professional arborists who know the proper way to trim a tree without damaging the bark or interfering with the tree’s ability to heal.   

Cutting Down Trees

During the spring you may notice that a tree has grown too large, is unhealthy or is leaning over your home or other objects.  While we love saving trees, sometimes cutting down a tree is unavoidable, as safety and expensive property must be considered.  Call SAS for a quote for tree removal.

Feeding Your Tree   

Spring is the best time to fertilize your trees.  If your tree looks like it is missing nutrients (leaves are sparse or discolored or it produces very few buds), we can help.  Many people are not even sure what type of trees they have, much less what type of fertilizer to use.  Further, when you plant a new tree, it may require certain nutrients in the soil to survive.  Call SAS Trees to evaluate your trees and soil to provide the nutrition your trees need to grow beautifully.    

Let us help with your Spring Cleaning!  Call Southern Arbor Source to handle the dangerous tree work.  404-291-1095.

SAS Trees offers Tree services during the Spring season to the east of Atlanta locations such as Social Circle, Madison, Monroe, Conyers, Covington, and more.