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It is never an easy decision to remove a tree from your yard.  Trees provide all kinds of benefits for the earth, including providing oxygen, providing shade, providing a place for critters and birds to live, and increasing the value of your home. 

However, sometimes removing a tree cannot be helped.  There are conditions and situations where tree removal is the only option for homeowners.  Some of the conditions that a homeowner may look for to justify tree removal are:  

The Tree is Dead or Dying

If you have a tree that is dead or dying, it should be removed as quickly as possible.  The tree is a safety hazard to you and your family.  Dead or dying trees are more prone to drop branches or even fall with or without severe weather.  The tree could destroy property, including your house, outbuilding, fences, or worse, your neighbor’s property.  Removing the dead or dying tree is the right thing to do and the sooner, the better. Southern Arbor Source is a top choice for tree removal!

The Tree is Damaging Property

Even a healthy tree can damage property.  A tree that is planted too close to your driveway or patio may uplift concrete with its root system, causing expensive damage.  If you notice cracks or uneven concrete that appear to be caused by a tree’s root system, removing the tree is a good option.  Further, trees that are planted too close to your home will probably, at some point, cause damage to your roof and foundation. Fallen branches are infamous for damaging roofs and root systems can crack your foundation searching for moisture.  Professional removal of a tree too close to your valuable property is a must.

The Tree is Not Receiving What it Needs to be Healthy 

Sometimes trees grow in places that are just not right for that particular tree. Certain trees required different amounts of sunlight, moisture and space.  If you have a tree that does not seem stunted or does not produce healthy-looking buds or leaves, that tree could be planted in a poor location and it may be best to remove the tree.  Contact a professional arborist to help determine whether location is the issue.

The Tree Has Grown Too Big

Homeowners sometimes plant trees when the trees are young and decorative.  However, after years of growth, those trees become too large and troublesome.  The trees could become crowded affecting their health.  Also, the larger trees could block the sun from reaching grassy areas and other plants.  Thus, you may not be able to grow healthy grass or decorative plants that require a good amount of sunshine. Large trees should always be removed by a professional.     

The Tree is Blocking a View

If you live somewhere where there is a beautiful view, you may have a tree that has grown too large or too wide and is blocking the view.  The tree may be cut back or removed if it is important to the homeowner to enjoy the view.  Our professional arborist will be able to provide options for you.

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