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Tree Service in Stone Mountain, Georgia!

Southern Arbor Source (SAS Trees) offers premier tree removal, pruning, consultation, stump grinding, and tree services in Stone Mountain, GA. Nestled at the base of the iconic Stone Mountain, this city is renowned for its scenic landscapes and rich history. With Southern Arbor Source, you’re choosing a licensed, insured service that provides FREE estimates and access to a certified Arborist!

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Tree Pruning in Stone Mountain In Stone Mountain, tree pruning is essential for managing overgrown, unsightly, or hazardous trees. Pruning offers an affordable alternative to complete tree removal. Regular pruning enhances your property’s curb appeal, and our expertise in various tree species ensures your trees receive the best care. Discover more about SAS Trees’ Pruning service in Stone Mountain.

Tree Removal in Stone Mountain Tree removal is a last resort. Our experts evaluate your tree’s condition to determine if removal is necessary. We specialize in safely removing dead, diseased, or dangerous trees. This task requires professional expertise – trust us to handle it with care. Learn more about our tree removal services in Stone Mountain.

Stump Grinding in Stone Mountain Stump grinding is also part of our service offering in Stone Mountain. Leftover stumps can be unsightly, take up valuable space, and pose hazards. Additionally, they can attract pests. Our stump grinding service converts these stumps into useful mulch or ground cover. Read more about our stump grinding services in Stone Mountain.

Cabling & Bracing in Stone Mountain Sometimes, pruning isn’t enough. If your trees have weak limbs, decay, or poor root systems, they may need stabilization. We install cabling and bracing systems to maintain the structural integrity of your trees. Find out more about our cabling and bracing services in Stone Mountain.

Consulting, Guiding the Way SAS Trees offer specialized consulting services in Stone Mountain, including:

  • Tree Ordinance Assistance
  • Tree Inventories
  • Tree Conservation Plans

Grapple Hauling in Stone Mountain Our commitment extends to keeping Stone Mountain looking its best. We provide grapple hauling services for wood waste and yard debris removal, adhering to all local laws and regulations. Learn more about our grapple hauling services in Stone Mountain.

Stone Mountain, Georgia Tree Service! Southern Arbor Source is honored to serve Stone Mountain, a city famous for the vast Stone Mountain Park, historic sites, and vibrant community. Stone Mountain offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage, making it an ideal location for SAS Trees’ comprehensive tree services. We cater to commercial properties, local golf courses, educational institutions, and residential areas in Stone Mountain and its surroundings.

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